Sunday, 10 September 2017

135 - Trump's tweets by sentiment and month

Charts 131 to 139 are a series of tweets from a spreadsheet I created that logs tweets from US President Donald Trump, and appends them with some other stats to create analysis. Some things you should know:

- All the charts are in United States Eastern Standard Time
- Sentiment analysis is approximate, but interesting
- The election was on 09/11/2016
- Trump was sworn in on 20/01/2017
- For a long time, Trump was tweeting from his own Android phone - this seemed to completely stop around March 2017. Before that happened, we could draw some interesting insights from the app that the tweets came from
- Most of these charts show a full year, 03/08/2016 to 03/08/2017, unless shown or stated otherwise.

This chart shows an interesting shift in sentiment from January this year through to July, shifting from more negative tweets to more neutral ones.

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