Tuesday, 18 April 2017

021 - Fukushima impacted Australian views on nuclear and renewables

This study, published in 2014, highlights some changes attitudes in Australia - measuring views on nuclear and other energy types before and after.

Their findings include the data below - fewer people accept the construction of nuclear power stations, even if it helps with climate change, along with a slight increase in the number of people who want renewables to be the primary method for tackling climate change.

As the authors say,
"Expanding the use of renewable energy sources (71%) remains the most popular option, followed by energy-efficient technologies (58%) and behavioural change (54%). Opposition to nuclear power will continue to be an obstacle against its future development even when posed as a viable solution to climate change"
Whether you're pro or anti nuclear, the public's attitude towards this technology is a major part of what role it'll play in the future, in Australia. 

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